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Innovative Trade Funding Solutions For Import, Export And Trade Finance

Trade Funding Services Overview

We understand how important trade funding is to your business. That is not an empty platitude. We understand the importance because we listen to our clients and we listen to the markets, and both are sending loud signals. We know from the World Trade Organization (WTO) that between 80% to 90% of all global trade needs trade financing to take place. That is a stunning level of reliance on the financial sector, whose interests may not align with yours.

We also know that there is a severe shortage of available trade funding throughout the world. The shortage of available trade funding now exceeds $1.6 trillion US and it’s growing. The shortage of trade capital is starting to have an impact on global markets and a severe impact on small businesses.

To meet the growing demand and minimize the impact of the global shortage of trade funding we have developed a variety of trade funding services. Trade funding services we offer are designed to enhance your ability to trade globally, improve your cash flow and make your business more profitable. Our innovative trade funding services will make doing business internationally easier and more profitable.

Our Trade Funding Services provide individuals, companies, governments and other organizations a range of real world trade financing solutions. We bring global expertise and an array of trade financing options to every transaction. We arrange trade funding through our network of individual, corporate, private and institutional lenders, including investment banks, merchant banks, private international banks and trusts, and other lending institutions. You get an experienced team all working to provide the trade funding you need.

We offer unsurpassed project funding expertise, including some of the most innovative funding solutions in the world. Global Trade Funding sources unique funding alternatives through capital markets and lenders worldwide. We also enhance your project with the capabilities of a global funding team with a history of successfully funding some of the most challenging and complex international financing projects in the world.

Availability of Trade Funding Services

We provide our clients global financing expertise backed by an experienced team of advisers. We maintain financing resources to fund capital projects in numerous business sectors, some of which are listed on the right.

In addition to the extensive resources which are available to us from among the world’s leading capital markets, we provide our clients with advisory services for virtually every facet of international trade finance, as well as access to investment grade and non-investment grade markets. We generally focus on transactions over $100 million, with no upper limits, but can make exceptions for projects requiring as little as $10 million.

Innovation in Trade Funding Services

We are developing increasingly innovative trade funding services that have financed projects the world over, in addition to traditional project financing structures with all forms of bank and capital market financing. Our capabilities include combining numerous structured financing techniques within individual projects to ensure every transaction delivers maximum benefit and maximum profit to our clients. Our experience in international financing, involving multiple project funding sources – including multilateral, developmental and export credit institutions – is substantial. We also have the expertise you need to negotiate the documentation for almost every conceivable financing structure in virtually every jurisdiction in the world.

We pride ourselves on always knowing precisely how to align the right project and the right lender at the right time. Thus we are positioned to offer some of the fastest application and processing times in the industry while ensuring funding commitments are issued by, or verified through, major international financial institutions.

Our trade funding services follow a set process commencing with a funding request, along with all of the information and documentation to support your financing requirements. We will quickly ask you to demonstrate you have sufficient cash collateral to seed fund your project, assuming this is in order, we will arrange to meet you and discuss in detail the options available to you including our joint venture approach. Many of the trade funding services we offer are summarized below. Click through to any of them to learn more about available trade funding options. If you are ready to proceed with your deal and want to expedite the process, submit a Funding Request now.

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Global Trade Funding offers clients a wide range of trade funding products and services to finance international trade, along with client advisory services that provide non-financing solutions to often complex international project funding transactions.

Trade Funding Services

Trade Funding Services


Trade Finance services with extensive financing options available in 120 countries worldwide

Import Trade Finance


We provide monetization, letters of credit, bank guarantees, factoring and advisory services

Export Finance - Trade Finance For Exporters


We offer a range of well priced financing options specifically to serve the financing needs of exporters

Monetization of Financial Instruments


Our financial instrument monetization services can utilize a broad range of bank instruments

Structured Commodities


Structured Commodities Finance is a perfect solution for trading materials

Letters of Credit Trade Finance


We offer competitively priced letters of credit with attractive terms for import, export and trade

Invoice Factoring


Accounts receivable factoring to free up capital for import and export finance services

Forfaiting Services Trade Finance


Forfaiting services are available to convert medium-term receivables into immediate cash