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Bank Guarantee Request

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We know that completing and submitting a bank guarantee request is tedious and time-consuming. And a bank guarantee request with a full set of supporting documents takes several hours to complete with no assurance that it will be approved. While you probably don’t mind spending the time to complete application documents, it can be aggravating to do so if the deal doesn’t get done because the trade finance provider doesn’t like the deal.

Global Trade Funding has endeavored to make your bank guarantee request process as fast and easy as possible. To save you time and speed-up the deal approval process, we developed this online Bank Guarantee Request Form which takes only ten minutes to submit. The Bank Guarantee Request Form is essentially a preliminary bank guarantee request application that you can submit quickly and we can approve quickly.

We’ll process your request for bank guarantee immediately and can issue a preliminary approval along with an outline of general deal terms. At that time, you will complete and submit all of the application documents, but you won’t have to submit the full application package until you know that a deal can get done, subject to underwriting complete application documents and mandatory due diligence.

Submit the Bank Guarantee Request Form now to get started. Once we receive the form we’ll process your request and respond very quickly. Thank you, in advance, and we look forward to doing business together for many years to come.

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