Aleppo Update: UN Passes Resolution To Probe Syrian War Crimes; Evacuation Complete

Evacuations from Aleppo were completed in the aftermath of the resurgent Syrian Army’s success in establishing complete control, even as the United Nations passed a resolution Wednesday to establish an independent panel to investigate possible war crimes in Syria. The resolution passed in the General Assembly with 105 countries in favor, 15 against and  52 abstentions, aims to establish an impartial and independent mechanism to assist in investigation and prosecution in order to punish perpetrators of serious and heinous crimes committed in Syria since March 2011. The mechanism is set to work with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, established by the U.N. Human Rights Council in 2011, which […]

Immigrants In Europe 2016: Swedish Police Hire Immigrants Amid Growing Ethnic Diversity In The Country

The police force in Sweden wants hire a greater number of immigrants to adjust to the increasingly diverse population in the country. Law enforcement authorities are optimistic Swedes seeing more immigrants in police uniforms will give the force new “street cred.” The initiative called the World Integrated into Swedish Police Project aims to increase ethnic diversity in every level of law enforcement. “We need a lot more diversity in the police, applying to everything from ethnicity to different experiences and backgrounds,” Carin Götblad, who leads the World Integrated into Swedish Police project, said in a press release. Only 6 percent of Swedish police officers had an immigrant background as of Tuesday, compared to 17 percent of […]