22 09 2017

World Moving Away From Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

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Global Reserve Currency May No Longer Be US DollarThe issue of when a global reserve currency begins or ends is not an exact science. There are no press releases announcing it, and neither are

26 05 2017

IMF Raised 2017 Global Economic Growth Forecast

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Global Economic Growth On The Rise Global economic growth is strengthening according to economists at the International Monetary Fund. The IMF sees positive trends in investment, manufacturing, and trade worldwide. As a result, International Monetary

23 05 2017

World Trade Week Ordered By Trump To Promote Global Trade

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World Trade Week Strengthens Economic Growth President Donald Trump has issued a presidential proclamation to create World Trade Week. World Trade Week will take place the week of May 21 through May 27 per

12 01 2017

Compliance In Trade Finance Due Diligence

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Compliance In Trade Finance Due DiligenceCompanies involved in international trade have for many years used trade finance instruments as tools to manage risk when importing and exporting internationally. The trade finance deal structure, when engineered

8 01 2017

Shortage Of Trade Finance Reaches $1.6 Trillion US

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Global Shortage Of Trade Finance Is Crushing Small BusinessThe worldwide shortage of trade finance has reached $1.6 trillion US according to a recent study by the Asian Development Bank. A shortage of trade finance of

7 09 2016

G20 trade agenda welcomed by industry leaders

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A pro-trade agenda set out by G20 leaders after their Hangzhou Summit in China has been welcomed by leading trade figures. While there were few concrete details revealed in the official communique, the world’s 20