Global Trade Funding Procedures

One of our most fundamental and vital strategies lies in not competing with importers and exporters, but strengthening them by providing flexible and tailor made supply chain solutions.

We understand that for buyers and suppliers in many markets, securing extended payments terms can greatly improve your ability to purchase or supply the commodities and or equipment you require.

Pretorius Bio-Industries can assist you to meet those credit needs by arranging extended payment terms as part of your trade financing solution.

To begin, review our Trade Finance Request Process, then proceed with submitting your request for our services.

Complete our E-Consent (Electronic Consent) Form: Your (on behalf of your Company’s) consent to: signing, submitting and receiving documents and communications electronically (including, but not limited to: Forms, Agreements, and additional Correspondence via Web/Online, Email and/or Fax) and conducting transactions virtually, via (including but not limited to): Web/Online, Virtual Data Rooms, Virtual Conference/ Meeting Rooms.

2. Submit your Request for Trade Finance: A short form with general information about your company and the terms of your transaction.

3. Complete and submit our KYC (Know Your Customer) Form: A brief form giving details of your company and the contact person(s) for your Trade Finance Request with PBI. Please Note: Government Issued Proof of Identification (bearing a photograph) for you and your contact person(s) regarding this Trade Finance Request/ Transaction, and a copy of Certificate of Incorporation (or equivalent) may be requested to be submitted with your KYC Form. This information can be emailed to: or faxed to: 1 678 559 0638.

Once we receive the requested information listed above, we will review and respond within 1 to 2 business days.


Founded by bankers and businessmen representing more than 30 years of experience in international business finance, Global Trade Funding represents the pinnacle of expertise in international trade financing. We have built our business on the foundation of privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and an unwavering commitment to assist our clients to success. We are a private proprietorship company with offices in London and an active web presence which has been active and running without interruption since 1998.

Global Trade Funding is a full service International Financial Placement and Investment Banking consulting firm, assisting, individuals, companies and corporations worldwide to finance projects, develop infrastructure finance, humanitarian programs and offers a complete and specialized full financial service, specifically and individually structured to you or your client’s needs.

Global Trade Funding are professionals, our goals are to finance each project we accept in order to arrive at a swift and successful conclusion of business. We conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards and strictly guard the confidentiality of our clients personal and business information. We are dedicated to the quest for excellence in the quality of the services we offer and the quality of relationships we maintain. As a market leader in the field of locating capital and arranging project finance, our true strength lies in the speed and efficiency of our service, which we believe is one of the fastest in the business.

In the world of finance it is often who you know, and knowing whom to engage at what time which creates the element of success.

Global Trade Funding has extensive relationships with major banks; we have also developed strong links in the secondary banking market, particularly with private offshore investment banks, major investment trusts and private investment funds. These allow us access to substantial funding on advantageous terms enabling us to provide imaginative solutions to funding requirements outside the conventional market including equity funding and investment capital. We have direct access to major Trust Funds representatives and a number of various lending entities specializing in International funding.

As a professional consulting firm and intermediary between the lender/agent and the borrower/client; our responsibility is to identify suitable accountable clients, review and submit quality projects to our lenders. With our prudent screening guidelines, each project is analyzed, with full consideration of all aspects and structured to fit the needs of the client along with the needs of our lenders. Our professional approach and expertise has enabled us to structure the kinds of financial transactions that make projects a reality and meet our clients and investor’s objectives.

Global Trade Funding is a team of seasoned professionals experienced in all forms of project financing and structuring of commercial projects. Our company has first class direct banking contacts and deals directly with our banks at senior banking levels, in addition to our other private and commercial lending providers. This means that clients with project proposals fit in with our criteria are introduced directly and where appropriate to a major bank/lender which has a proven and public record of successfully closed commercial transactions and whose credentials can be verified by the client or its legal advisers at the appropriate time.

Our business is built on knowledge, expertise and personal contacts within the financial community. The different skills within our company are the key reason we are able to serve such a diverse client base. We work within the global arena providing services and funding for clients with variable demands; in most sectors of business and industry.

Additionally we are often engaged to establish politically sensitive financial arrangements (acquisitions, takeovers etc). If we were to ever disclose such confidential information and/or the identity of our clients, and or our proprietary sources information then our services would be instantly terminated. Thus we ensure the total confidentiality of your contact information together with the financial details that we become aware of in the course of putting into place your loan or investment.

We welcome ALL inquiries about our products and services and ask that you contact us right away if you have a deal to discuss!

Global Trade Funding is a capital consulting company that assists our clients in procuring methods of raising capital to fund various types of commercial projects. Our process allows us to use the various funding mechanisms of our funding partners to devise comprehensive and viable funding models for our clients that mitigate risk, accommodate our clients’ capital requirements, and ensure compatibility with the known requirements, capabilities, and guidelines of our funding partners.

We provide financial analysis and underwriting to structure our clients’ capital requirements to conform to current market realities then custom-design funding solutions that meet those requirements based on our deep understanding of our funding partners’ capabilities and guidelines. We utilize a combination of funding mechanisms to devise a comprehensive funding model including debt financing, equity financing, bond financing, and capital procurement, that when properly combined are usually able to fully fund a commercial project with many added benefits not typically available through traditional and conventional methods.

Our clients typically require capital to fund projects ranging from real estate acquisition and development, business expansion and M&A, technology development, and working capital. Often we introduce additional components to a project or capital requirement such as green energy, new technology, or strategic business partnerships, that enhance the viability of the project, create additional value, and mitigate risk to all involved parties.

Global Trade Funding’s select network of funding partners includes conventional sources such as banks and pension funds, private sources such as hedge funds, private equity groups, and private trusts, and alternative sources such as international programs and platforms. We do not weaken the integrity of a project by “shopping it around” searching for funding. Should we not be able to devise a viable funding model for a client using our current funding mechanisms, we will respectfully pass on the funding request.

Global Trade Funding is not a bank nor a ‘hard money’ lender. Global Trade Funding is not a bankruptcy bailout nor foreclosure prevention shop. A project, or sponsor, that is facing imminent foreclosure, or that desperately needs immediate financing, is not stable enough to qualify for our funding mechanisms. Global Trade Funding is a company dedicated to procuring new and alternative methods of comprehensive funding for sponsors of various types of commercial projects that have the resources, flexibility, vision, and time to accomplish the goals of the project correctly and completely in this new market.




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